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Sublunary's 12 Gallons - reborn

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After the horribly depressing hurricane-related crash of the flaming prawn goby tank, I have to completely restart, so I figured a new thread was in order. If anyone wants to read the old thread, it's HERE.


The Basics:

12 Gallon Nano Cube DX

CREE LED nanotuners retrofit - 6CW, 6RB

MJ 900 return Pump

Koralia 240

inTank Media Basket with carbon and chaeto with submerisble light

Marco Rocks base rock with 1lb live rock



2 black clown gobies

hi fin goby

bimaculatus belnny


Corals and polyps

assorted zoanthids

black sun coral

assorted acans

assorted florida ricordea

purple and yellow photosynthetic gorgonia


monti cap

green duncan

green and purple frogspawn

purple and green fungia

purple and green blasto

red and green blastos

purple trumpet


Motile Inverts

sandbed clams

2 scarlet hermit crabs

nerite snails

collumbellid snails

cerith snail

margarita snail

astrea snails

porcelain anemone crab

tiny grey hitchhiker crab

dwarf ceriths

periwinkle snails

dwarf planaxis snails

candy striped pistol shrimp

male pom pom crab

2 bumblebee shrimp




flame algae

shaving brush



Latest FTS - 7/3/12







What's Next?

Practice my photography and give you all more pictures.

Edited by sublunary

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Im really glad to see your back. Look forward to seeing the new tank develop.

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Thanks Rehype! You beat me to my second post.


So, when I came back to the horror after the power outage, I was able to save a few things. I went out and bought new tanks and supplies to set up at my grandmother's house, where we had power. Everything has since been moved back into my room and is waiting for the NC to be ready again.


They ended up in two tanks because I had the bright idea to add sand to the 10 gallon, totally forgetting that would cloud the water for a few days. :/ In the end I think it worked out though, because it will be slightly more stable than a totally bare tank while I wait for the main display to cycle.


So right now in the ten gallon I have:

my clam


assorted zoas and palys

purple muchrooms, and hopefully some green striped mushrooms

florida ric and hopefully yuma ric

a handful of bristle worms and asterina stars


P9102477-1.jpg (And yesterday, I got diatoms!)


And in the 2.5 gallon:

2 black clown gobies

porcelain crab

2 scarlet reef hermits

2 cerith snails, 1 margarita, 1 collinista, 1 nerite




I really can't wait to get the NC up and running again. I got my box of marco rocks this weekend and I'm working on a scape! I'm actually putting thought into it this time.




I picked up one live rock from a local store to supplement the dry rock and already found a tiny pistol shrimp hitchhiker!


So hopefully by the end of today I will have my scape done, rocks and substrate in the tank and water flowing. I'm planning to use biospira to help things along. Once the cycle gets to a safe point, I plan on putting in a massive IPSF order and then hopefully I can start moving livestock over! I really can't wait to get rid of the noisy HOB filters. They're making me crazy.

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So sorry you had to go through all of that! I loved your last tank...can't wait to see how this one turns out! I will definitely be following along :)

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I'm glad you didn't let the loss discourage you! Can't wait to see how this new adventure goes :)

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Thanks gena and Paigee. That means a lot from two people with such great looking tanks. I hope this one turns out as well as I plan.


Here's a sneak peak of the scape from the side I see from my bed.



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You are very welcome! I love sneak peaks :)

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Thanks for the encouragement everybody!


Water went in a week ago. Haven't started testing yet, but the little ammonia badge hasn't gone above yellow yet. I've got 1 1/4 pounds of live rock and maybe 10 or 12 pounds of base. Two bags of sand - I'm thinking of getting a randall's shrimp/hi fin goby pair this time, so I wanted a lot of sand.


And now I'm just waiting for things to start looking alive.





right side:



left side:


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Looks great so far I can't wait to see how it turns out.


I like your rock scape alot.

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Looks GREAT! I'm excited to see it fill in :)

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So things are chugging along. Cycle was mild and went by quickly. A week after I started getting diatoms, I ordered a bunch of critters for IPSF - snails, pods, worms, sandbed clams. Everything is doing ok, so I'm slowly adding things from the emergency tank. Snail and hermit crab adjusted great. Florida ric looks good. The gorg and the zoas, however, haven't opened up yet. They were unhappy under the cheap temporary light in the other tank, so I'm left hoping they aren't too far gone.


My fish are eagerly awaiting their time to move over. Or possibly begging for more food.




I went to the NYC meet up metrokat organized last week. I didn't intend to buy anything, but I ended up walking away with a pretty good sized acan frag, and $7 frags of a couple of zoa morphs and black sun coral (just what I wanted for the shady little overhang).


I seem to have forgotten how to get good colors in my photos, but here's the acan:



I'm planning on putting the majority of my zoas in a little garden up front, but I'm putting small frags on the rock bridge. I'm kind of hoping for a flower-covered-trellis look when it grows out.



So here's what it looks like now. The giant mass of ulva needs to be cut back already. That stuff grows fast!


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Looks great! I'm sure it would be nearly impossible to go to a meet n' greet, hanging around other people who love the hobby as much as you, and NOT buy something :)


The flower covered trellis idea sounds perfect !

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More depressing news - my maxima didn't make it. :( I moved it from the temporary tank to the display a week or two ago to get it back under the LEDs. Either it wasn't soon enough or the display still wasn't stable enough. Thankfully it didn't crash the tank, I'm honestly pretty amazed it was able to handle that without a problem.


Yeah, so another bump in the road, just when everything was going so well. I'm sad again. I had that clam for over a year and when it survived the crash and the subsequent chaos I thought it would live through anything.


And now I'm even more nervous about moving the fish and crabs into the display. Guess they need to wait another week or two.

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Really sorry to hear that sub.... :(

Edited by Rehype

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Sorry to hear that! It's always a bummer when things like that happen. But, it's just a temporary blip. Soon things will be thriving like before :)

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Thanks for the kind words guys. Hopefully this will be the last problem for a while...

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Parameters are back to normal and I was home all weekend for a change, so I moved some more things over to the display. The porcelain crab, margarita snail, tiny hitch hiker crab and black clown gobies that survived the hurricane got moved over, and seem to be doing well.


The only problem is this: the flow in the holding tank was pretty week and the fish are struggling with the how strong it is in the display. Just watching them makes me tired. So they have spent a lot of time hiding and I've been giving them breaks where I'll turn off the flow for half an hour or so, so they can swim around without trouble. Given time, I'm sure they'll be fine.


The corals are starting to recover. The zoas are pretty much all opening, even if they haven't regained their colors yet. The gorg is finally starting to put out polyps again, which I'm so happy about.


Overall, I think we're back on track. Today's FTS below:


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That's GREAT news!!!!


Do you have the stock pump or did you upgrade to the MJ900? I'm thinking about the upgrade just to get some more flow for my chaeto in chamber1.

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Yep, MJ 900. I think it's a good move for the tank, it feels like I get enough flow for what I have even without a powerhead.

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glad to see this coming back to stable for you

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Yep, MJ 900. I think it's a good move for the tank, it feels like I get enough flow for what I have even without a powerhead.

I have an mp10 in my nc12 (leftover pump from the downsize), but I'm looking to get more flow going for the chaeto in the back. I think I may try this upgrade! Did you notice any additional heat from the MJ900?

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