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The Oceanarium Project: Imaginarium

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Hello and welcome to








































In Progress:

  • Waiting on a house
  • Prep for the 5 tank system I will be setting up



  • 1.027 Specific Gravity
  • 8.3 PH
  • 0 Amonia, Nitrites
  • 2ppm Nitrates
  • 465ppm Calcium
  • 12.6dkh Carbonate Alkalinity
  • 1390ppm Magnesium
  • 0.6ppm Phosphate
  • 8ppm Stronium
  • 410ppm Potassium
  • 0.06ppm Iodine
  • 0.15ppm Iron



  • Reef Angel Controller w/PWM, Salinity, Wifi, & Vortech RF Modules, 3 Temp probes(Room, LEDS,Tank), PH probe - Will order secondary screen and ORP when it becomes available
  • 2x Hydor Korialla Nano 240gph(one HOB fuge one for prepping Water Change)
  • 3x Vortech MP10w
  • AC-10 Powerhead(gravity fed fuge feed pump)
  • Hydor Seltz L20(phosban reactor's pump)
  • Hydor Seltz L30(return pump)
  • 2x Phosban 150 Reactors(one w/ Rowaphos, one with Seachem De-Nitrate)
  • Aqueon 150W Heater
  • AquaticLife Mini Internal Skimmer 115
  • Eshopes PF-Nano Overflow Box w/custom air bleeder hoffer gurgle buster & durso sump outlets
  • 2Fuge LEDs - 2x Natural White 3000k led, 2x Red 660nm leds per fixture
  • Custom Display Pendant - 5 white xml-t6 5-8k @2100mA, 5 Royal Blue XP-E 445nm @ 1000mA, 5 Blue XP-E 470nm @ 1000mA,3 Ultra Violet 380nm @ 600mA, 6 True Violet 420nm @ 600mA, 4x Turquoise 495nm @ 600mA, 2x Deep Red 660nm @ 600mA. Controlled by Reef Angel with Full Year Seasonal Sunphase(Writtin by me using Carribean Reef rise/set times in Arduino) & Moonphase




  • Watermelon Zoanthid
  • Radioactive Green Zoanthid
  • Batman Ricordea Florida
  • Halloween Ricordea Florida
  • Green Metallic Mushrooms(?)
  • Blue Ricordea Yuma
  • Ked's Reds Zaonthids
  • Joker Zoanthids
  • Blue Zoanthids


  • White Branching Frowspan Euphyllia
  • Green w/Purple Tip Frogspawn Euphyllia
  • 13 Color morphs of Acanthastrea Lordhowensis
  • Pink Tentacle Duncanopsammia axifuga



  • Orange Montipora Capricornis
  • Tuquoise Acropora Loisettae
  • Royal Blue Acropora Tortuosa
  • Aqua w/ Violet Polyp Acropora Tenuis
  • Purple Polyp Seriatopora hystrix (Birdsnest)
  • Ponape Seriatopora hystrix (Birdsnest)
  • Rainbow Acropora Spathulata
  • Teal Acropora Loisettae



  • 30+ Feather Dusters
  • 3 Cerith Snails
  • 11Asteria Snails(I like to fall on my back and die thank god they were free snails lol)
  • 1 Super Tonga Nassarius Snails
  • 9 Nassarius Snails
  • 3 Hermit Crab
  • Neon Purple, Blue & Regular Red Bristle Worms
  • 3" Tiger Pistol Shrimp
  • Trio of Pom-Pom Crabs
  • Quartet of Sexy Shrimp
  • Chrismas Maxi Mini Anemone
  • Fireball Maxi Mini Anemone
  • Fushcia Maxi Mini Anemone
  • Pink Tridacna Maxima



  • 2.5" Gold Assesor
  • 4" Suntail Goby
  • 2.5" ORA Red Mandarin Male
  • 2" Helfrich's Firefish
  • 2.5" Pair of Black Ice Clowns


Macro Algae

  • Dragon Tongue
  • 3 types of Cheatomopha(Thread, Spaghetti & Silly string thickness')




  • Dose 1/4 cup live phyto. 1/8 cup in morning 1/8 cup at night
  • Feed fish & inverts a variety of Live/Pellet/Flake/Frozen/Freeze Dried


  • Clean glass
  • Clean Skimmer cup
  • Wash out filtersock
  • Clean Vortech, Return & Reactor Pump sponges w/ boiling water & distilled white vinegar



  • Change post Filtersock & Post skimmer Filter floss
  • Run Carbon in a bag for 2 days to clear up odor


  • Change RowaPhos
  • Clean reactors
  • Rinse debris from Seachem de-Nitrate




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Very Nice tank, Ive always liked the look of the Chi. Wish I could answer your question,. but I'm new to reef keeping.

Cool painting above the tank too!



P.S. Is that stock lighting?

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Nice tank. I have a chi myself but I couldn't figure you how to turn it into a reef tank. So I just turned my fluval edge into a reef tank. Nice job. Only thing is I would move the speakers away from the tank. Water really amplifies sound and if you are watching movies or listening to music its bad for the inhabitants.

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do you have a write up of the fuge? i have a fluval ebi and that looks great i'd love to add that to my tank and hide it behind my fake wall

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Wow nice tank!! i like the diy fuge you made it looks pretty sweet, and a really good idea

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Wow, I remember why I don't post on forums, cause you can never get any answers. My bad y'all don't wanna read ####. So let me single it out. I have two mexican turbos, one of each red and blue hermit and a true percula. Any problems pairing these with two sexy shrimp and a single pompom?


You buried your questions in a wall of text. People skim, especially walls of text and when there are pictures involved. Sorry, I don't have the answers though. It looks good though.


If you have no plans for the original filter and switch and would like to gt rid of it, let me know, I would be interested if the price is right.

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I just built a screen top for my open top fluval edge. Bulk Reef Supply sells clear netting. I picked up the rest of the supplies at home depot.

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I love yer setup, and design idea's! B)


If you want more thread traffic, you need to come up with a sweet thread name.


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I love yer setup, and design idea's! B)


If you want more thread traffic, you need to come up with a sweet thread name.


Spicy thread names are overrated.



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Great build thread!!! Gotta love 3 mp10s!!!! It makes sense to me btw. You can never get 180 degree flow difference with only one. Light, water quality and flow. Go man!

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If u need some zip ties to clean up your hella mess of wires, I can USPS some to you :ninja:


Love the setup, looks like a clean, classy living room, yet my wife would be chopping my head off if i had wires loose like that! Lol

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Cool talk, but you're probably going to have a lot of dead spots with that flow/scape set up. You need at least 4 mp10's for a tank that size. :lol:


Man that's crazy, 3 mp10's. Scape looks good, the fans on the light are hella cool too. B)

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Hahaha...well I guess you could say its a midlife crisis haha, last year I dropped money on rebuilding my 93 honda del sol with a twincharged d16(jackson supercharger and gtk2860rs). This year is project reef :P....three vortechs...diy led..reefangel.. I'm happy :)

Ha, del sol.

I had one of those in high school.

Targa top FTW.


Once I get done paying off the Jeep, it's on to the next one.

1991 Eagle Talon TSI build. 100% ground up. Oh yeah.

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Great build man. I love love love that 3 section painting you had over the chi. Looked awesome in the background.


Looking forward to seeing the biggun stocked with more corlz

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Overkill at it's finest ... lol


Ya got a serious addiction going there my friend.


But, if ya look at it from an "investment" point of view, your all set for that 125+ in the future.


Nice toys and the makings of a sweet tank ya have there.


I didn't see a controller ( for the tank) in there ... maybe i just missed it.

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