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11gal Rimless

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I already have a couple tanks but after reading through the ADA tank threads i had to join the madness. A buddy of mine had a 11gal that was made to look like the ADA style tanks and since he is upgrading and wasn't planning on keep the tank i got lucky and got a deal on it. I planning on using very little rock and sand.


  • DIY 11Gal ADA Style (20"Wx16"Dx8"H)


  • 20" Current T5 Fixture 12k
  • 2 GU10 Blue leds
  • 2 K-nano 240
  • Canister Filter with Lily pipes or drill it and Sump (still not sure any advice)


  • Shrimp (any ideas)
  • Unique nano fish (any ideas)
  • Flower Anemones
  • Maxi Mini Anemones
  • Ricordea
  • Mushrooms
  • Zoa

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Following. Interested in seeing how this turns out.

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