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Ocellaris or Percula Clownfish


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notall..... i think perculas look more beautiful imo the way they have darker black lines when they are adult. but occelaris wins hands down for nanos.


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Definitely Ocellaris for any nano. They are a lot smaller than the percula and it is possible to have a pair happily living in your nano so you can see their normal behaviour.:)

Good luck

Chris Blore

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How big do the Ocellaris get v. Percula? I've read they get to be about the same size?



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It depends, but going on my experiences and those of people local to me, it seems to be that the percula can grow to almost twice the size of the ocellaris but this, as always, depends on the conditions under which they are kept. However, as you said, I have also seen ocellaris that are over twice the size of the percula. In a nutshell, the relative sizes of these two species can vary dramatically depending on location, conditions and the area from which the original specamins originated.


Chri Blore

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Speaking in terms of max-size, I would be absolutely shocked to find a tank-raised ocellaris that ever got much longer than 3". Wild-caught ones can push it to 4", in the best of conditions.


I've seen tank-raised perculas hit 4" and slightly larger.


So while the max size of your particular fish might be quite indeterminate based on all the variables involved, using those guidelines, in the same tank an ocellaris will probaly always be smaler than a percula.



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Joyce Wilkerson says that Percula clowns are the smallest of all the clowns reaching only 2.5 inches and that a 10 gallon tank is an adequate home for them. She states that Ocellaris grow slightly larger than 3". Percs seem to need better water quality that Ocellaris.

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And I've always wondered where she came up with that. I was just at my LFS this weekend who has 2 4" perculas in a 40g. Now, whether or not they're tank-raised, as claimed, is questionable, but that they're true percs, I am certain.

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I was wondering that too. I figured she knows quite a bit about it. Maybe we have mutant clownfish here on the west coast.


I wonder if there is cross breeding going on or selective breeding for larger fish?

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That's an interesting point, which would further make sense if they were indeed tank-raised.


They've come up with some really interesting other strains of clark's ocellaris, and percula through selective breeding, why not bump up the size of the reputedly smallest clown available?

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Jest dont get a Maroon I have a 6 incher that terrorizes a clown trigger and all sorts of other meanies in a 220 of a customers... Poetic Justice..... his nane is Bastrd !

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