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Best LED lighting to make coral *pop*

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Hey everyone,


I currently have a 10g reef and it has a hood with actinic lighting. I was wondering if anyone knew the best way to implement LED's as well, so I can offer the coral another type of lighting and get the most out of the color.


Any ideas?

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buy a ecoxotic all blue stunner strip! they are like 50 bucks and have 3M tape on it already if you just want to stick it to a surface or you can just screw it in.


look up ecoxotic stunner strips on youtube for some great videos

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I just added the Ecoxotic 453nm Blue Stunner Strip and it really does make a difference. It costs $70 for the strip and the 24v wall transformer, but 1 transformer can run up to 6 strips. I have an Aquapod 24 with 72w cf lighting and it does wash out most of the color from 1 Stunner Strip, but when it is on alone, it is Totally Awsome (it does make the cf lighting about 2 shades bluer for a nicer look when they are all on together).

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I'd recommend checking the classifieds. I just sold my strip with powersupply for $35, you can get them cheap.

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Stunner strips no doubt.........I have a 12g Aquapod and I'm running 2 actinic stunners next to my 64watts of PC and you will not believe how bright the corals look. I'll post some pics to prove my point :D


This is what my light setup looks like so you get an idea:



These pictures were taken with just the 2 stunners on:







These are with all lights on...look at how the colors still pop even when the daylights are on-





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Wow. I can't thank you all enough for the responses! I have found the next investment for my tank. I'm really excited and those pictures really prove how much of a difference it makes!


Thank you all so much. Other than classifieds, any other places where I can get them relatively cheap?

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On the stunners, they are coming out with a 1/3 purple and 2/3 blue stunner which should be even poppier if you wait another week or 2.

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I couldn't quite tell but it looked like you were running a regular 10gallon tank not an AIO. If that's the case you might try the new ML7 from Orphek. It has 4 blue and 3 violet @ 2 watts each. I love the look of mine.


Check out the pics



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