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Get this alot, right?


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Hello, all you reefer guys and gals. Getting into this reef aquaria thing once again. Internet's cool - never heard of the term "nano-reef" before I did one of those search things. Anyway, years ago I had a 12 gal and then a 29 gal saltwater tank. All the fish store guys told me I was an idiot to do it so small and may as well flush my fish down the toilet, etc. as they'd die in the instability of a small tank. The fishies didn't, but I'd always get "stink eye" looks whenever I asked the shopkeep about other fish. Anyway, looking at all that you guys've done - WOW. Great.


I've read a lot on water temp in the different threads here, re: keeping it cool. How warm is too hot? My tanks would keep a constant 81 deg F, but I had a/c then to take care of any hot spikes. The new one may get hotter than that. I don't want to add a chiller - would anything grow/stay alive at higher degs? Anyone come across a temperature "threshhold" for different animals? Is there a thread I've missed? I looked through the articles and home page stuff - not really answered yet.


Anyway, appreciate some help - won't be posting any distasteful banners :*( to end this message.





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My brother's tank gets up to 84 for extended periods of time. He has xenia, hammer coral, mushrooms, zoanthids, and an open brain, and they're all doing fine...


In my opinion, if you know that your tank is going to get hot once in awhile, like in the middle part of the day... Set the temp kind of high so there is not so much fluctuation in temperature. I think its the fast temperature swings that hurt things. That and EXTREMELY high temps for long periods.

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i think you can determine the temp requirements based upon where the livestock's original habitat was. hence some people's wariness to intermix indian-pacific-atlantic livestock.


i'm not sure if you'd want to regularly keep any livestock at elevated temps due to low-oxygen levels. the 78~82F level is what i've seen popular. some very interesting stuff grows and thrives at the lower temps though (cephalpods, deep water fish & cniderians, etc.)


sprung's 'invertebrates' is a good source for (what do you think? :P)


burgess et al.'s atlas of marine aquarium fish lists temp recommendations along with other info

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So the water's fine @ temp. I'm all set and raring to go. You guys got some awesome tanks. THere's just something so appealing to the Nano aspect. It's that focused determination of arrangement in a confined state. Or maybe (being) the big fish in a small pond thing. Or maybe being GOD to a little community. Or maybe I should shut it.


Thanks reefers.



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If you're in a situation where your tank will be at high temps (82+)for long periods of time, you can help oxygenate the water with a protein skimmer and a refugium full of caulerpa.

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a lower temp give more oxigen to the water (79)

a higher temp will depleat the oxigen(81-85)


8=P my spelling suck ooopps



good luck

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