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GU10 LED Build Thread (Chinese Ebay Lights)


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they are atinics. so like the regular blue bulbs. I run half blue bulbs and half white bulbs to get a nice even color in the tank.



could i used two buld for moon light

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I wouldn't see but like TinyGiant said before hang them high of they will look like lasers. Im guessing u have a 29g bc from your post.

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I wouldn't see but like TinyGiant said before hang them high of they will look like lasers. Im guessing u have a 29g bc from your post.


ok, thank you do i need moon light what does it do to the tank...

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moto826 - TinyGiant has some on the 1st page of this thread post #6 has pics and #10 has two videos! I will post some as soon as i get them in the mail.

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I built a CREE set up for my 20" cube but sold it. Was thinking about doing LEDs over my 4' cube but thought the cost would be too much. I was looking at the 4x1w 30 degree. How many do you think I would need for a 48x48x24 tank? But if I dont put any bulbs over the bracing on top the opening is only 36x32" ish. Think I could get away with 60? 3 rows of 20 or 4x15. I have everything from softies to SPS. And currently am running 4x250w MH with 4 VHOs with the MHs just over the opening in the top.

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If you follow what TinyGiant did a bulb every 2" your right abt prefect. I would says 8 row of 8 so 64. And switch colors every other led. Im putting 12 3x1 over a 29bc with 3 rows of 4. To start out im going with 6blue 6white but i ordered extra so i can mess with the color.





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i had great growth with just 10 over my 55.. had awesome growth with 22 :)


you can always add more.. start low and see how things go then add some more later on :) spreads the cost out and you will be able to track the difference

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tiny how is the spread on one of the bulbs at around 24" high. just wondering what kind of circle they will illuminate well. would look great over a softy tank or fowlr breeder setup

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can't say i've tried them that high up. I would imagine it would work fine. they are quite bright most have 30deg optics on them.. higher up.. more the spread but less the brightness

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It looks like a great alternative to the typical DIY LED project. I love the simplicity and the cost savings. I see in your videos that you do a single row of bulbs almost touching each other. Is there any heating concerns when you add a second row. How far do you think they should be away from each other? You used regular old lamp wire in your build?

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question for the OP, what type of cord are you wiring these to?

it it just basically an extension cord that you split into two and then wired each bulb into? can you show any other pictures of the installation at all? thank you!

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i just cut the female end off of an extension cord and used the long side with the male end to plug into the wall.


then i just got some similar gauged wire to wire the rest to :)


i didnt take any other pics when i put it together.. but i might be able to snap some pics for you of what i have up

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I ordered some because of this thread... I had no real intention of using them, though figured I could toss them on something. Wellll...... These things are bright! Really really bright. I plugged them in and wasn't paying attention and one was aimed right at my eyes. My eyes hurt for the rest of the night.


I'd take a picture of my crap setup but I accidentally left them at a house 2 hours away.... If I get him to send them to me I'll snap one. Anyhow here are some pictures:



(safety first)



(on top of the 40B)



(hitting a ric on the 15)



(sitting on my couch hitting the ceiling 15' away)

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The wires were insulated and I wanted to see so tada.


Not much different than holding an extension cord while you plug it in.


Glad you all enjoy though.

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lol, real safe.


I just got the blubs. Still waiting on the sockets.

I was thinking of using them for the sump light or for my 2.5 gal pico.

wonder if its too much for the 2.5 gal if I position the light about 6 inches from the surface.

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