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Arca Aquae

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Very cool, thanks for the goby pics. I hope to hear that they take well to the tank.

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woo deep!


yay, glad to see ya back in the game. :D im likin the new diggs, and the new critters. :)

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More observations on the fish:

The possum wrasse is slightly neurotic as it paces through all the nooks and crannies, but it is completely passive to the other fish. The Trimmas ignore it, but the Eviotas scurry if it gets too close. One Trimma sometimes chases the other; although it now seems to be more tolerant. The Eviotas have only a little aggression, and all the gobies ignore those that aren't their own species. I think the male Eviota(s) can be distinguished by longer front dorsal rays. The subordinate Eviota nigriventris is also a little crazy (pushing against the glass as it swims up to the top). It's also the thinnest of the fish.


I'm trying to combat this aggression with daily feedings of Cyclopeeze, but I probably should be doing multiple times a day. Sometimes it's best to feed a lot at once so the dominant individuals are more concerned about food than chasing subordinates. Turning off the pump makes the gobies swim out to check what's going on, but they don't focus on food that isn't moving quickly.

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:angry: Fine!


Nothing much has changed. I'm always looking to see all the gobies are feeding since there is still some chasing. Twice I've been worried when one of the E. pellucidas was missing, only to find out a trochus snail was blocking the goby's burrow. I can't seem to get pics with no blown highlights. :/















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Looking good. Should be nice when it fills out.

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Thanks. A quick update for pics and as a record of sizes. I got three new frags from a local reefkeeper: a nice birdsnest, a fluorescent yellow-green Acropora, and a blue-green Acropora not attached to a plug. I was more than a little irritated to find my super glue gel was empty, but the clam shell is working fine. The glass is not 100% scrubbed for a FTS. All the fish are fine; although, I've lapsed feedings to every other day.


The birdsnest has green tips (first pic is most accurate)







yellow-green Acropora



blue-green Acropora (Acro on the half shell)



original Montipora and plate coral





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That birdsnest is gorgeous! And I love those Trimmas. I was thinking about a couple.

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Thanks! I should note to those who have T5s: even if your bulbs are over a year old, you need to acclimate corals before placing them close to the bulbs. I found that out after placing the birdsnest on my rocks (mainly because the trochus snails were pushing it around on the sand). It's slightly bleached or just light colored, so I've kept it back down.

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dosn't it also depend where you got the SPS from? i get most of my SPS from about 15" of halide i put them right a top my tank.


also, you you have a recent fts?

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Mine came from a large bowfront that also had T5s (although not so good reflectors). The owner kept only the blues/actinics on, and my sand bed is 15" from my lights, probably the same distance or shorter than where the frags were in the original tank.


I will get a FTS soon.

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edit: Just some quick benchmarks of equipment. I got a Spectrapure CSP-DI system that works great, unless you forget it and come back to find the floor wet



Lol. I ALWAYS forget the RO/DI running and get water everywhere. I need an auto stop for the sink.

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Thanks. I just wanted to update that the tank is going okay, but I've been away at a fall internship since September. My dad is taking care of the tank, and it appears that I have 6 gobies left, with at least one of the losses being a Trimma. The possum wrasse died after I tried to remove it to sell to someone else.

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Like I said, I've been away since September. Here are some pics taken in August.








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Like I said, I've been away since September. Here are some pics taken in August.


woops, didn't see that :blush:


looks good, cept for that slime...

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this tank needs video! I was thinking about getting some eviotas - I wonder how they would do when they encountered my tailspot blenny - which eviota would you go with ( I have an ada 60-f - about 9 gallons)


I love the bommie idea that you mentioned in my thread with the eviotas swimming around the acropora!

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When I get back home (mid-December), I will definitely take a video.


I think most fish would ignore Eviotas/Trimmas. If you could find them, then E. bifasciatus would be nice. The link below has some great pics of a tiny tank with them (I don't support keeping a tang in a pico). E. pellucida (the orange with yellow stripe ones) is the most common, and really any species is a good choice.



However, the small tank size may make the blenny more aggressive. It just depends on the individual.

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ah yes, the great tank of marcello, the maverick


I'm going to look into those gobies - seeing a them hop around the acropora would be quite honestly, a great experience

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k cause liveaquaria said it might eat smaller shrimp and i really dont want it to eat them lol theres only 2 sexy in this tank so hope it goes well......the only reason i put the ywg in this tank was because my sixline was being really mean to the watchman from the second i put him ..


is it because i didnt have a pistol shrimp in there to dig a cave ??

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I think you are replying to a different thread...


What is the question? What's the problem? What are you even talking about?!?!


edit: it looks like I answered in your sexy shrimp thread. Please post your reply there so the conversation doesn't have to be split or copied back and forth with my personal tank thread. Thank you.

Edited by lakshwadeep

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So, both the Trimmas died, and it appears that the dominant Eviota pellucida could even bully a Trimma. Now, there are three Eviota pellucidas and one E. nigriventris. I've been swamped with trying to finish some research, but I will finally be finished by June. However, I will be moving to Salt Lake City for graduate school this fall, so I'm on the fence about the tank inhabitants' fate.


In other news, there's been two types of Caulerpa popping up, which I periodically trim. There is also some halimeda sprouting out and some type of branching coralline-like algae. Anyway, here are some pics since I finally scraped the glass.








Cool red tunicate I found while moving the tank. In the foreground is an acro that I failed to place on a frag plug.


Brown montipora that apparently grew over a cerith.


Branching algae, which mysteriously originated on all the trochus snails' shells.




Eviota pellucida


Eviota nigriventris




Birdsnest (it looks strange with curled branhes since the snails kept knocking it around)


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