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AP 12 with RapidLED par38


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Here are some pics of my AP 12 with the 7 LED RapidLED par38 lamp. 22" over sand bed, 10" over water. going on 6 weeks. Sorry for the bad iphone pics... I had it running 2 years ago with a Sunpod 150 before a major water leak in the condo above me that crashed my tank. This LED blows the Sunpod away. Just added 1 Ocellaris, 3 blue leg hermits, and 2 Margarita snails... Only good things happen SLOW in this world! Almost forgot... 60 degree optics!







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Well first off, sorry to hear about the tank crash. I can't even imagine how depressing that must of been...but it looks like you're off to a great start with the AP. Looks awesome! I have the same bulb and optics as you, and also really like your fixture.

If you don't mind my asking ....where did you find it? I could really use one like that for mine, because the jerry-rig just isn't cute anymore :)

I look forward to seeing some more pics of your progress :-)

Oh and btw.....those aren't bad pics especially from a phone!

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How do you like the par38. I just ordered one for my AP 12.



I really like it, love the color it puts out, not to mention they're customer service is outstanding,

and the light appears to reach the bottom of my tank really well (haven't measured it yet tho)

It's replacing one of those marineland reef LEDS which I am not a huge fan of. That purchase was a major newbie mistake. I'm fairly new to all of this....I don't even have any pics up yet..(very bad LOL)....You're the FIRST person to even talk to me on this site :)

I just tore down my entire tank to re-aquascape with the BRS dry rock, set up my modded AC110 fuge, and figure out a way to hang my rapid bulb. Any suggestions?




Oh and I almost forgot to ask....how is the spread on the 80 optics? I may purchase another one with the 80's as well.

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