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FS: 24in LED Unit Acan Lighting A101 for a 36in tank or less

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Hey guys

Selling my acan lighting led unit that i used over my 40breeder

it had great coverage, no heat, and 100% controllable

Great growth of sps as well as lower energy costs(no more bulbs either)

selling because i moved and sold the 40 breeder tank


$700 shipped Acan Lighting L.E.D. Light Fixture Model A101AC

$675 pickup in westminster ca


Each foot of the A101AC contains approximately 157 LED bulbs and consumes only 40 watts of electricity, which makes it the most efficient replacement for 150w metal halides and T5 tubes. It is the best choice for LPS tanks, and also suitable for many species of SPS corals. Eco-Lamp's years of experience in the LED industry and exclusive advanced technology enables the A101AC to operate without a cooling fan, and this unique design allows for years of maintenance-free, silent operation.


LED bulb life expectancy of 50,000 hours (or 5+ years). Features 4 programmable light stages (Sunrise, Daylight, Sunset, and Moonlight) which simulates the natural cycle of the sun/moon and is a stunning way to show off your setup.


A101AC-24 24 inches/ 228 White LED/ 109 Blue LED/ 80 watts


Heres a pic of it over my tank/coral shots i took and a link to where i bought it











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those colors are incredible..wish i had the money for one of these :angry: free bump for a gorgeous fixture

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What zoa is this? Do you have any frags of it for sale?

Sorry to derail your thread. Free bump... :D

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