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a little help & answers please.

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Ok guys, here's the latest. (i suppose that some of u read the post about making a 7g tank?)

I looked at the tank that i've got & it's a AquaOne AR-380, it comes complete with filter & light, we've got a heater.

I went to the aquarium to ask them about turning this into a nanoreef & the guy said that i couldn't do it #1 because i'd need a protein skimmer & #2 because of the light.

I asked him what sort of light that i'd need & he told me that i'd need a blue & a white light if i was thinking of getting corals. I then asked him if i could have some live rock living happily in my set-up, he reckoned that i could.

Ok, here's the question: if i had some live rock in this tank, wouldn't the things that make it "live" die because of the light? New things wouldn't grow either would they?

I know a year or so ago that we collected some rock from a nearby beach, it was full of all sorts of interesting critters but they all died off, was this the cause of the problem or was it simply that we put it in an established set-up with the damn clowns & it died because of something like that? If i got some more stuff should i leave it sitting in the tank in the dark until it "cures"

What do u think? Anyone???

Sunny :)

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Christopher Marks

You might want to read through some of the articles in the articles section to get a better idea of how you can set up your system and what it will need.


Really, you don't need a protien skimmer. You will need to have some sort of actinic blue light in the tank however. Find out what type of bulb you have.


But first do some reading about filtration in nano reefs, and setting one up.

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Ok,i've read all the blurb about setting up etc & know that i need to get another light. The one that's in the tank is a 11" 10W degen tube.

I think that i can go to a 12" tube in the hood (my friend seems to think that there'll be enough room)

Do they make a combo that small? If they do, who?? Also if i can get tubes that small & have a white day one & a blue one, how do you fit it all in such a small space???

I really need some help here as i've rang all the shops around here & some say that i can having living rock etc in what i have now & others say no way! (mind you they also told me that i could have a mandarin in this tank until i told him that i wasn't quite that gullible!)

Any answers greatly appreciated as i really want to do this but don't want to stuff it.

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Problem with custom "outside market" tanks is they are custom and need a lot of tweeking to get stuff to retro into it.

13 watt PC are the only bulbs that will fit unless U take the top off and go with a pendant system.CSL has an 18 inch power quad that packs 96 watts of pc.150.00

SEALIGHT retros are a 27 watt quad pc bulb and a 9 watt pc bulb w ballast and aluminum reflector. they should do the trick for around 70.00

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JBJ makes clip-on lights. I found them on www.sevenseasonline.com. I had some low light corals growing well under the 18 watt one.


Generally, anything that was living on the rock because of the bright light in the store will wither and die if you stick the rock under dimmer lights. But I'm finding out that some of the best coralline algae likes the dimmest parts of my tank. Liverock doesnt really have that much stuff on it until youve had it for quite awhile anyway.

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