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Yasha Goby & Pistol Shrimp Clip


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Hi all,


I noticed my Candy Cane Pistol shrimp was hard at work today building a sizable burrow ... so I whipped out my iPhone 4 and grabbed a bit of video. This pair lives in my BC8, in my office at work.





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very nice...but i see you have GHA :P


lol don't worry i'm having problems with it too :(.


It's a pretty neglected aquarium as of late ... but it's on the mend :)

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which tank is it in?


My Yasha/Pistol pair is in my neglected BC8 on my office desk. I'm working on bringing it back to life ... little by little :)


There used to be a pair of Harlequins in there as well, but one has passed. So right now that tank hosts the Yasha/Pistol and a sole Harlequin.

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