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Light Reccomendations for 10g


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I'm looking into possibly upgrading my lighting from 2x18 nova extreme (would most likely sell it).


I'm a college student with a relatively small budget.


Anyone have experience with topdogsellers on ebay? specifically this fixture:



There is also a fixture that has metal halide combined with t5ho, but I have read not-so-good things about it.


Reccomendations for better lighting besides what I have listed would also be great, I have looked everywhere and cannot seem to find many options. I don't want a DIY, I want a "plug and play" sort of thing.


The tank is a standard 10g and I am looking to be able to keep LPS and soft corals.


Any advice is much appreciated!

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1 maybe 2 par38 bulbs? i have a nep over mine, had a 4x24 fni fixture on it before..i ultimately wanna have two par38 bulbs over this tank in the future and into my next build

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I've been thinking about two par38's but I think that would be a little out of my price range, unless they sell them cheap somewhere.

there was a pair on sale on here for $155 shipped..the fni shipped is $110 anyway, so you should just sit and look out for them unless you need them urgently


try a wtb ad in the hardware classified and wait:) patience leads to good deals :happy:

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