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Looking for help regarding the many Par 38 Lighting options


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Long time watcher here, first time posting.

After many long months quietly lurking around this and other places I am about to start a 5 gallon reef tank.

I have just about everything I need to get going except the lighting. I have become very interested in the work done with LED lighting and feel that this is the way I would like to go.

That being said I have one main question to ask the LED gurus here and that is this,

What is the difference between:


This LED fixture/light





This fixture/light



other than the different amount of LEDs.

Is there someone on here who has run both or has one or the other and can provide me with some first hand experience/reviews?


I am aware that one of them is made by Nanoreef's very own evil66 and is highly regarded as THE LED guru, but I am trying to shop around and do whats best for me and my future reef buddies.

Any help, comments suggestions will be greatly appreciated, thank you.


Oh I almost forgot the tank specs: its a 5 gallon ( I think) Aqueous glass tank, I will have the AC70 fuge mod and a small power head for flow. The tanks dimensions are 16 x 8 x 10.

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Both will put out allot of light for a 5 gallon tank. One (Evil's) only comes in a 40* angle which is a tightly focused beam of light like a spot light. The other comes in up to 80*'s. You picked up the other difference which was the number of LED's. You might want to think about a PAR 30 instead of a 38.

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I have the 7 led RapidLED 60 deg optics over my AP12 and like it allot... I believe evil runs a bit more power through his LED's getting a little bit more PAR out of his. The RapidLED has 4 diff color led's 3 royal, 1 blue, 2 cool white, 1 warm white. Either way you can't go wrong. Just make sure that you get a fixture that can handle the weight of the bulb, around 1 pound.

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Thank you for your help, I too would be interested in pictures of that lamp in action.

Any other thoughs or suggestions on these fixtures or on one I may have missed?

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