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Hey guys,


i know this may be sumwere on here but couldnt see anything...


anyway i just tested the water and everything was 0ppm but the PH was 7.2 :s


what could be causing the PH to be at 7.2??

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CO2 could cause it. Dosing calcium can cause alkalinity to fall out of suspension and affect pH. Low magnesium makes this happen more easily. It would be very dangerous to try and correct this quickly. 10% water changes everyday might help correct this over time.


We really need more information. Are you sure it's actually 7.2?

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What are you using to test the pH? What are the other circumstances of the tested water? 7.2 seems like a testing error.


i am using the API saltwater master test kit, sorry just checked my record n it actually tested 7.8, but i hear the ideal is between 8.2-8.4 so still under the recommended :S

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That' not as bad. Did you test in the morning? I bet if you tested it now, it would be even higher. It's probably your salt mix. Mix up a batch and test pH.

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well i tested when i got home from work, as i live in the UK


as for my salt mix i use pre mixed from my local store, i do weekly changes and last was saturday..

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just ignore your pH


unless you tanks inhabitants looks sick/bad/not normal then pH shouldn't be worried about.

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Chasing pH is a majorly bad road to go down.....

I cannot tell you how many postings I have seen where people nuked their tank trying to get the pH to where they want it.


Personally I think 7.8 is not bad. And Randy Holmes-Farley (a super smart guy) agrees!



well i certainly dont was to nuke the tank, if 7.8 is an acceptable pH level then thats cool i will leave well alone and just keep an eye on it and continue to do weekly water changes =]


i think in time i will start mixing my own water


best thing i have done it join this forum =] thanks guys

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I've learned to not even test for ph anymore. most importantly is to not go by ph in the early morning. Ph is directly controlled by alkalinity and co2. controlling co2 is the reason for running a refugium light during the night cycle.


seems best to just test for alk but if you test ph then do it once in the morning and again in the evening before the lights go out so hat you know the ph range. a range of 7.8-8.3 is different than just simply a ph of 7.8.


proper water changes should keep it in line but you may want to add buffer to you top off water if the ph is low in it or you could be adding a 7.0 ph water into an 8.3 ph tank. this is also a cause for fluctuation.

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