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actinics arent really moonlights (not in any setup ive seen anyhow) so I would say no.


usually moon lights are some blue LEDs that arent very intense.

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460nm is a spectrum, not an amount.

My LED's at 453 stay on 24/7.

As far as a benefit to corals...I found this...


..."there are different strains of chlorophyll, and some of them react differently to different wavelengths of light... some in the red spectrum, some in the blue. Zooanthelae no doubt have to be analogous. The photon's emitted in the "Actinic" Spectrum have higher energy...."


..."As the chlorophyll cells capture the energy from the photon, they basically steal some energy off an electron, and then let the light be on it's way. They use that energy to bond carbon and water or something, forming simple sugars, and pow, we've got photosynthesis. Higher energy wavelengths of light (e.g. Actinic spectrum), carry higher energy electrons, and the chlorophyll is able to utilize a single electron multiple times to create it's sugars....."

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