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Peppermint Dies Out Early


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Hello All,


My Dad and I started up a 10g Nano about 2.5 months ago and it has been cycling ever since with live rock. Just last weekend we decided it was time for the first clean up crew. 4 Nerite Snails, 4 Turbos, 4 Small Blue Hermits and 1 Peppermint Shrimp. All of the crew seem to be holding up well and doing a good job of cleaning the tank, except the Peppermint Shrimp who I had unfortunately found dead today when I returned home.


Our levels are all good.


Nitrate- 0


Salinity- 1.023-1.024


Temperature- Steady 82°F


What seems to be the problem, Why did the shrimp die so early?


Is it because shrimp only eat waste from other animals?


Any Help Would Appreciated.

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Hard to say, could be a variety of reasons... but how long did you have it before it died (sounds like it might have been a few days if you bought them over the weekend)?


Did you acclimate the shrimp? I'd suggest you use the drip method of acclimation (first temperature acclimate by submerging the plastic bag into the tank for about 15min, then drip with a plastic tubing about 4-6 drops per second until you double the volume, then dump out half the water and then continue dripping until the volume doubles again, and the shrimp should be good to be placed into the tank). You can wrap the plastic tubing into a loose knot to control the drip speed, or you can buy a siphon head.


I don't think it's a matter of the shrimp eating the waste of the other inhabitants.

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82 is pretty hot. It could have just died from stress. Or from being older. No way to know for sure!


It was fluctuating in color from white with red stripes at the store, to translucent white in the drip bucket and then faint red striped re-appeared when I put it into my tank. That was probably is a stress indication.


And for my temperature. How would I be able to lower it? It is on the lowest setting on the heater. What temp is ideal for my tank?


did you feed him?


Shrimps need to be fed?


I thought he was part of the clean-up crew. What do they eat?

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most people use 78. i doubt they died from high temp water.


what type of lighting do you have?


Shrimps need to be fed?


I thought he was part of the clean-up crew. What do they eat?


they eat left over food and they scavenge what they can. if the tank is new and fish less they could have a limited food supply in there.

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Are you 100% sure its not in your tank still and you just saw its molt floating around? Just a thought.


Yes I am sure, Exo-Skeleton of a shrimp with many legs, and tail.

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Not to sound un-caring but consider yourself fortunate.,


I had a peppermint in my 10 that caused me nothing but headache., Everytime he felt that need for a midnight snack he went straight for all my euphyllia., all but killed my hammer., and a good size torch.,


The last straw was just the other night.,., Id grown tired of staring at the skeletons of my once proud specimens that had been reduced to barely visible specks of fluorescent green in the center of a dead coral body., and I happend to be tooling around my lfs., picked up a nice 2 head purple tipped frogspawn and found a good spot for it., it was in there for 3 days.,


Then one night., right in front of me,, the little bastard goes straight for it., tearing into my poor new frogspawn with reckless abandon., Watching me.,., Mocking me.,., clearly., A line now had to be drawn. This shrimp., as heart breaking as it was., had to be smited for his sins.,


In a fit of rage I tore all the rock out of my tank and snatched the pebble of life out of his little coral munchin hands., And as I raised him in my fist above my head in a primal scream., Saltwater spilling down my arm and my roommates staring at me like im on fire.,., I banished him to my cichlid tank!!!


It was a good death...


Did I regret the harsh reaction later?., sure., but GoD@mn was it satisfying at the time.,


Condolences for your loss., but get a cleaner shrimp and be happy. :D


I loved that damn shrimp., lo0l

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