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biocube 14, tell me what you think. with video


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Ok so I have had this little tank for a little over a year. I have done all the usually mods. Increasing the flow from chamber one to chamber 2, replaced the bioballs with carbon, chempure elite and a lot of cheto with a led waterproof light I got form ebay. I have ordered some led stuff to do a retro but I am still waiting to get some of the equipment from nanotunesr. (I am really not happy with them. Ordered my led’s, heat sink and adhesive pads on December 20th and I still don’t have them and its been 2 months, they are still on back order. They keep telling me that they don’t have the cash flow, well what the h*** did you do with the $130 I gave you 2 months ago? :angry: I should of ordered those parts from rapid led. Sorry about that its just annoying, they have been grate in the past). anyways this is going to be the start of my ultimate led build. I will be taking a lot of photos, and I just ordered a HD camcorder so I will be posting some videos.


Live stock: :happy:

1 skunked cleaner shrimp – name -- Jacque

1 blue damsel – name -- Blue

1 Picasso clown – name -- Arty

1 normal clown -- name -- Julia


some snails and cabs too :P


I have posted 2 videos of this tank. Check them out and let me know what you think of them


the credits have some future plans


Sorry for the bad vido, its a old camera I cant find my good one, but I just ordered a new HD one so they will get better

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I need a little help. I bought a sapphire skimmer from a member about 2 weeks ago. It got delivered when I was on spring break so I didn’t get to play with it till today. I don’t know if it’s just me or if my skimmer is really lacking on making some bubbles. I replaced the airline with a new one, that seemed to help but I have had it in the sink running for a hour and there are really no bubbles at all. Here are some pictures.


sapphire skimmer nc12/bc14


Any help would be really appreciated.


Other good news... Nanotuners said they have my leds and would ship them out on Monday which is today!


I also finaly got my new camcorder. Its a canon hf s10. I love it, it shoots really good 1080P videos and takes grate photos.

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Ok so I got my sapphire skimmer to make some good micro bubbles. I have it in the 2nd chamber now; it is sitting on top of the false floor. I put a bag of phoseban under the floor, so the skimmer wont bend it and fall throw. I had to cut the plastic ledge so the skimmer fits in. It is a little trick to get the hood to close but I managed. I moved the cheto and the waterproof light that was originally in the 2nd chamber to the first chamber where the heater is. What do you guys think of that idea? I can’t see any real downside, I will just move it into the display tank when I do my water changes and make sure I get all the fish poo out of there.


Does anyone have any tips on how to get the skimmer to sit in the 2nd chamber better so that I can close the hood a little easier? It is a tight fit. I have herd of using egg crate to make a kind of stand. I may pick some up the next time I am out so I can try it.


I am thinking of taking the air pump from my bioucbe skimmer and using it to in a sense supercharge the sapphire skimmer. I have seen people talk about it but I am not sure if anyone really has. I would use a one way valve so that I can limit the amount of air, so that I am still sucking a good amount of water, I am not sure what this will do for the skim-mate. Maybe make a lot of micro bubbles in the display? I don’t see a downside in trying it, so I will do that when I have some free time from school. we are expect to have a blizard later on tonight and into tommorow so if the university decideds to cancale class i will play with it then.


I also took apart the stock pump and cleaned it. I don’t know the last time it was done, but it was pretty bad. I got a lot more flow then I did before, my clowns seem to love it. They just play in the current.

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A quick update on the skimmer. 99.9% of the micro bubbles are gone now. And I am getting a good dark smelly skimate.

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I got a few updates.


I installed my CREE XRE LEDS a few weeks ago. I said I was going to make some videos about the process and put them on-line but as I was going I kind of forgot so I am missing all the interesting parts, or at least all the parts that I thought were interesting.


I basically copied WaterProofs build but putting the 6 cool white starts in a circle with 4 RB on the outside and one right in the middle. I really like now bright they are. I also have a SilenX 80mm x 15mm fan that blows cool air into the hood directly onto the heat sink, then I have two 60mm X25mm SilenX fans that blow air out of the hood. I had to modify the fan housing a little and snip a few poles in the hood to make them fit but I love it.


I got a few new videos for you guys to check out including an update on some new corals. If anyone could let me know what the small piece of sps is I would appreciate it.


Here are the Links


biocbe 8

skimmer brake in

NEW COEALS and LEDS at 100%


ideas for next corals?

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Very nice. I like the videos too. How are the underwater ebay leds working as far as growing the chaeto? If they are growing it, can you post a lnk to which ones you got?

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Thank You


The underwater LED lights are doing a grate job. I started out with a very small amount of chaeto and now my first chamber is a very very thick chaeto ball. I should probably cut it in half and do something with it. here is the link.


LED strip


that is the exact same one that i purchased but i found it for a little bit cheaper. $15 with shipping.

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