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First tank in 10 years


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I've got a few pounds of LR from the LFS, and I'm waiting on my dry rock to come in. I threw some other "dead" stuff in there to help populate the bacteria. I put a little fish food in to keep the cycle going until I'm ready to introduce a bioload.


More pics to come.

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Good. I got my shipment of dry rock today. This is what it looks like. I'm pretty happy with it.

I brought the LR directly home from the LFS, so I haven't seen an ammonia or nitrite spike at all, but I'm starting to see a little nitrate. I'm going to give it another week to see if the trend continues. If it does, I'll do a water change and start on a CUC.


Sound good?


I'm not in the military either, at least not anymore. I sort of ended up here, and I'll be here for a couple of years, which is unusual for me. I am usually a gypsy, but since I'm staying put for a while, I decided to set up a little reef. It's nice. I like it here for the most part. It'll do for now.

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^^ Much much better!


Yeah, I hated the shipping (ripping off) charge to AK, even tho if you use the regular USPS flat rate box (or similar service), it does NOT cost extra. UPS/FedEx is a different story, of course.


Enjoy AK winter. (No im not being sarcastic. I liked AK winter.)

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