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MP20/MP10 Vortech Drivers


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Are the driver boxes for an MP10/MP10ES/MP20 swappable? Meaning, if I had a (blue) driver box for an MP20, and bought a new MP10ES, would the MP20 dirver box be able to run the MP10ES at a higher GPH? Would this work with an older MP10, and not the newer MP10ES? Thanks.

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Wow. Took me a couple of read throughs to wrap my head around this one. It is late and im tired so I may still not get it. So you have a new mp10ES and and older mp20. You want to switch the control boxes to try and get more power to your mp10ES. I have not tried this but I know that the mp20 was designed to run the same pump and motor as the mp40 albeit with a lower voltage and amperage power brick making it slower. The mp10 and the newer mp10ES on the other hand have a different motor and pump. This would probably render your idea a bad one. The mp10 motor and pump would not last long at the higher voltage and speed.

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What really happened was someone was selling an MP20 driver for $20.

I was planning to buy an MP10 anyway and thought about driving the MP10 with it.

EcoMarine says this won't work, as they have different engines.


I thought I read somewhere that it would work, but maybe that was MP20/MP40. Maybe I dreamed it.

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