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REEF UPDATE-not much of one sorry...


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I have had a few people here ask me for updated pics of my reef.

I am currently on disability, just had more foot surgeries and

my three bad lower back disc's are pinching nerves left and right

because of the fact that I have had to be off my feet for about three months.

SO, NO work, NO money and NO money for the reef... :tears:

...so not a lot of new things here.


BTW, let the flaming begin on the yellow tang,

if the flamers were here and saw this tank,

with it's TON of swimming room, 55 gals of water inculding sump,

and lots of GHA then they wouldn't be so quick to judge.

I will most likely return him to a LFS in about six months anyway.


BUT in life there will ALWAYS be "know-it-all as_holes"

so I can't help them...just so happens, there are a lot of them here.


But check my sig, I have been doing this longer that

a lot of these people have been breathing... ;)






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