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Is over 1000 gph too much for 35 gal?


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I have the Koralia 425 as well as the Koralia 750 evolution running in a 35 gallon all glass cube. The plenum is shallow (less than .5 in). They are pointed towards the surface to create an upward draft, and so far it looks good. The smaller power head was from my 15 gal, and I bought the 750 to create enough flow in the tank for my stony corals. Is 1,175 gph overkill for a 35 gallon?

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Always remember that 1000gph random flow is not the same thing as 1000gph directional flow. Suction cup a 1000gph return pump to the side of your tank, that is directional flow.


Buy a cheaper wave maker controller for those two pumps and you will have a nice rocking motion in the tank similar to a vortech.

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I wouldn't worry about it at all.


I have a pair of Koralia Nanos and a return pump on my Biocube 14. The old nanos are rated at 425gph each and the return pump is rated for ~130gph


Doing the math really quick... 425+425+130= ~980gph


in a ~10g-12g total display area... that equates to about 82-98 gallons per hour of turnover in the display, not counting the fact that rock takes up a fair chunk of that volume.


and for a long time I did have a frogspawn in there and it did just fine - i would recommend maybe a little less flow for something like a torch.


Your total aproximate turnover would be for abotu 32-34x tank volume per hour. about a third of what mine is.



you'll be fine :)

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Hi Everyone,

I'm just starting up my new Fluval Flex Sea 32.5 gallon and bought 1 hydor 3rd gen 1950 circulation and wave pump. Would I need a second one or will one be enough. No fish or corals as of yet but that's the goal😊

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Hey!   You should open a thread of your own and include a little more info about the tank as well as a photo or two!


In general, two pumps are better for flow than one.

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