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Yeah I know but seriously


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Salt? Im just about ready to by a new bucket as I am running out of my Tropic Marin Pro reef........whats the best these days its been a while?

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I don't think that there is any actually scientificaly proven advantage to any specific brand/type... Of course they will all SAY that theirs is better, and some people will swear by this that or the other, but really - your best bet is to use one that has been proven over the long run...


Also - think about it - the only time that their mixture of trace elements is better than another is when you first fill up the tank. After that it becomes diluted depending on what the inhabitants of your specific tank use. It would almost be best to start out with a mixture closest to sea water and then use a brand that has a higher concentration of trace elements for your water changes.


I use IO... always have and unless I see scientific proof that another is better then I won't be changing.

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I first used seachem reef salt then I switched to DD, then I switched to Red sea pro and Ive been very happy and dissolves quickly and all my stats have been consistent so far.

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