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Tunze 9006 on a nano


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Would a Tunze 9006 skimmer be too much for a 30 gallon SPS nano? The system has a fuge, GFO reactor, and a biopellet reactor. Three fish at the moment but I might add another fish soon if I upgrade skimmers. I feed pretty lightly (only twice a week) but I might increase feedings with a larger skimmer. Weekly 5 gallon water changes.



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that skimmer is plenty enough for your 30gal. there isnt a need to upgrade skimmer.


No I am wanting to upgrade to the 9006. I don't already have a 9006 that I'm wanting to upgrade. lol I was just wondering if a tunze 9006 would be too much for a 30 gallon SPS nano.

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I don't think it's possible to overskim....at least I've never heard anything like that before. It's definitely a little over the top but for SPS it should be fine. might have to up the dosing though.

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