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chiller set up question for 28 gal nano cube..

Po Pimp Daddie

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Po Pimp Daddie

Hey guys,

im new to the forum so i want to say thanks in advance for all the help i get. any feed back is really appreciated. I have just set up a 28 gal nano cube with the HQI lighting system. obviously i am having temperature issue. nothing is in it yet just water and sand. I'd like to get this temp issue taken care of before i put anything in it. kinda be a waste of money if everything i put in there dies.


so onto my question. i have been surfing the internet like crazy trying to find some info on how to set up a chiller for this nano cube. and well not much has come up to help me. im thinkin about getting the jbj 1/15 horsepower mini arctica chiller. the problem i am having is where to put a pump at in the back part of the tank. im kinda hesitant to lose the media basket, if i had to i would remove the ceramic ring area from the basket via a saw. any kind of suggestions as to wut kind of pump to use and where to put it would really be appreciated. im anxious to get this tank going in my man cave (basement),


thanks again,

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