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clown goby breeding?


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I am wondering if anyone has ever attempted this? I am thinking of getting 2 half inch citron clown gobies and breeding them. From what I read they are all females and if you have a pair one of them will turn male and breed.


Its either I attempt this or shrimp breeding.

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Since getting a pair is cheap and easy I think I will give it a try. I am not looking to make money but I think it would be cool to have them breed.


Isnt the citron the most expensive?

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Builder Anthony

Well they like to hang out on some type of coral.It doesnt have to be a branching hard coral but thats what they like.They just like to perch on things.Its a real good fish.If you could get 2 inch ones that would be a good start.Make sure they eat before you buy them.For breeding id make sure they were the only fish in the tank.

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