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SunPod LED question


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Hi all


Been forever since I was here and am not sure if this question belongs here vs in an All In One tank forum, so please excuse if I've posted incorrectly.


I've got a 24g AquaPod and am in the process of selling the set up. I just discovered that on one side of the Sunpod 150w fixture, only 1 blue LED is lite and none of the whites. On the other side, so far all appear to be working or were a few minutes ago. Since I'm trying to sell the set up, I'm concerned about explaining this to the new owner and what could be the issue and how to fix it (or how the new owner will fix it).


Anyone have this happen to them? Everything was fine a few days ago (Murphys of course, since I'm trying to sell the tank, sigh)



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have you tried opening it up and checking the connections as well as swapping the power adapters. That said the built in LED's In my opinion are worthless the light should be worth just the same with or without them

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