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605caddis' 29g drilled goodness


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Howdy all, thought I would share my first reef tank with you. I've been lurking on this site for quite some time and finally decided to join and post. This site has been beyond helpful in setting this up.


So a little info on the tank, It's a glass 29g (30x12x18) drilled with a Glass-holes.com 700gph overflow kit going to a 10g sump/fuge (no skimmer) rio 2100 return pump (calculated to approx 390gph after head loss) The live rock I have has tons of coralline on it already and it's spreading daily. It came from a monster 750gallon build by a guy here in WA state that unfortunately had to take his tank down, got it for $2 a pound! The sand came from his build as well.


The tank has finished its cycle and current parameters are:\

PH = 8.2-3 (hard to tell with API test kit)

Ammonia = 0

Nitrate = 0

Nitrite = 0

SG = 1.025

Temp = 78.5


Equipment list: I could use a suggestion for a good ATO if anyone has one?

  • Rio 2100 return pump
  • Stealth 150w heater (will be replacing soon)
  • Fish need it 24" fixture 4x24W (2 blue 14K, 2 white)
  • Koralia 2 powerhead
  • Air/water/ice RO/DI 50gpd unit


  • 35lbs live rock (split between display and the fuge)
  • 1.5-2" sand bed... 20-25lbs maybe?


Planned livestock... Really unsure on this aside from the clowns. I'd really like a dwarf flame angel but being new to SW I can only base what I know on this fish off the internet, and that is that they are known to occasionally nip coral, not really sure I want to take that chance.

  • pair of black & white Ocellaris clowns
  • yellow clown goby (maybe)
  • Six line wrasse (maybe)


As far as coral goes, this weekend I will be attending a local show and am going to try and pick up some zoa's/pally's, ricordea, and eventually some mixed LPS. Acans, candy cane, frogspawn etc...


Anyhow, enough talk, on to the pics. (please ignore the scratches on the glass, its a well used tank I had sitting around)





another FTS


close up of the rock


left side of the scape


right side of the scape


from the left side


Let me know what you think, open to all comments/suggestions. :D

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