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New feather duster being picked at by CUC


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I bought a new feather duster yesterday and It was firmly attached to the LFS rocks. They really had to pull it out of there and it left quite a wound on the base of the worm. It still opens and reacts to sudden light changes etc but my bristle worms and hermit are kind of poking around near the wound. Im not sure how much damage/harm theyre really doing. Nothing too obviously but they are defintely picking at the hurt base.


I have no interest in ridding my tank of bristles as I think they are perhaps the most important members of my CUC. They are all of the "safe" variety.


Question is my duster okay/going to be okay or should I take some proactive measures?

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If the base came from live rock then my guess would be that they are just picking off any goodies the LFS live rock left on the base and they are not actually picking at the worm itself.

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