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here is my nano tank pic i hope


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it has1occeloris clown,1bullet nose goby ,1 blood shrimp,1 cleaner shrimp.kenyan tree,and other anemone.all doing ok,so can have fish and inverts in small tank.water quality checked every week.perfect condition.water is crystal clear.

mind you i am running a eheim external filter on it that i used to use on a bigger tank.all tank mates are fine and going for another tankmate soon,not sure yet what gonna get.ive kept marine fish and inverts for last 12 years and fancied a challenge.well thisis a challenge to prove my local fish shop wrong that you can succesfully do it.we had a £20 bet i couldnt keep it going with both for a year.nearly half way.

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Dude this is really hard to read. Can you please use correct punctlaion?

Oh i am so sorry that one can't understand what one has written.I do so appologise,I was typing this out rather quickly.

I didn't realise that it was a spelling and grammer exam. :haha::rolleyes::)

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Sorry, you don't have to be sarcastic. I guess I wont be posting in this thread again.

i was joking with you,thats why i put the smiley faces at the end.

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What was the point of this thread again???

well the point was to put a picture on here and let you all know that it can be achieved in a small tank.

not that you all dont know this already.just thought id let you know what i was doing, how i was doing and open to suggestions for idea's.also for not just me but everybody to share there tanks and pictures.thats what a forum is for isn't it ? someone obviously cant take a little joke.hence i put smiley faces at the end.

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Need a better picture. That picture sucks. What kind of equipment are you using? Seems like you're being attacked by algae. Are you sure your params are perfect?


*Don't care for those few on here always trying to get someone for spelling or punctuation.*


You know how it is. Always a few in each forum.


Lets see some more pics. I like to see progress pictures rather then the finished products. (Which are nice too)

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