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DIY 40 breeder Lighting help! 4 or 5 t5 bulbs?


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Hey everyone, it's my first time posting on this forum but I have heard good things :) I am finally getting to set up my 40 breeder tank and am just trying to decide on the lighting. I have already decided to get a LET retro kit from reefgeek but am trying to decide on 4 or five bulbs. I will be keeping a mixed reef most likely, with not much interest (Yet!) of doing much SPS. I think either way the bulbs will be mounted about 5 inches above the water with an sheet of lexan over the whole top of the tank. Should I use 4 or 5 bulbs?!! I would greatly appreciate any input and always love to see pics of anyone else's 40 breeder with retro kits!

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4 bulbs, especially with good reflectors like that, will let you keep anything you like. I'd say adding a fifth bulb will just help expand your color options.

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