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Wierd Spaghetti Algae


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looks like calupra sprouts, hard to determin what type. If it grows longer and starts getting little grape like fruit growing on it. its grape calupra. Not the greatest thing to have in your tank as it is one of the hardest things to remove once it gets a foot hold.


But dont go nuts and pull it out yet, I only said thats what it looks like, I am sure someone on here can give you a more possitive ID.

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Apparently, it can host clownfish...


My digital thermometer hosts clownfish :D


Interesting nem replacment though that will not accidently eat your clown ! Ever have that #### happen ?

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They aren't that slow growing... Curry02 had a mass explosion of neomaris over a mere two weeks. It isn't really a problem. It just gets everywhere. I hear it loves SPS conditions and will thrive in SPS heavy tanks. You can check out Curry's neomaris adventure here:





I turns white at the bottom because it forms a CaCO3 skeleton, much like hard coral. It only forms it at the base for support.

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