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What will promote more color in corals. Purchasing colors


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Will be purchasing some Ecoxotic Stunner for actinic supplements. What will be better as far increasing color growth in corols? (2 x 453nm stunners) or (1x403nm + 1x453nm)?


Thanks in advance for response.

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the 403nm might bring out color over time but you won't notice an immediate color change. The 453nm will make a significant immediate change.


do you think 2x453nms would be overkill for a 24g jbj?

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I have a BioCube 29 with the standard PC lighting, Actinic plus daylight (10K). I added the Panorama 453 nm strip from EcoXotic and can tell you that the difference is night and day. The actinic lighting gives you a generally "bright" tank in that the tank is well lit and you can kinda see that things are nicely colored but when you throw on the 453 nm strip its amazing. My Zoas, Torch, Hammer, and encrusting Gorgonian are so bright that I can literally see them from 50 ft away as incredibly bright green, yellow, red bursts of fluorescence. I have seen tanks lit by the 403 (forget exact #) and this also provides pop but I would say that IMHO the 453 is MUCH brighter. The lower wavelength LED provides you with a almost dark tank (to your eye as thats getting pretty low wavelength for visual perception of brightness, and the corals are bright but I don't like the look. Its so low its almost a barely detectable purple color and you cannot really see anything other than the fluorescent colors (not what I am looking for). At 453 I also believe that the PAR is much higher and you promote more growth so its a bit more usable (I could be corrected here).


I would do a 453 in a heart beat, again and again and again, its amazing. It is so cool I went on a Zoa frenzy and now purchase ONLY things that will fluoresce (maybe its me but this is the best part of the tank).



Oh... by the time you purchase the stunner and the power supply your just a bit shy of the panorama which is 2x the # of LEDs. I would recommend avoiding stunners unless you really cannot shell out the extra. The Panorama is also built a bit better. I would suggest you silicone the seam between the cover and the heat sink as well as where the wiring enters, its pretty water proof but mine took a 2 sec bath and I did get a few drops of water in.... better safe then sorry.

I set my lighting to stagger a bit, 10K 9am-8pm Actinic 10am-9pm, 453 LED 12pm -11 pm. This also has the very cool effect of a "sunset" in that the daylight goes away, you get a bright actinic tank with the 453 colors added, and then just 453 which is plenty bright enough to tell what you seeing (with awesome shimmer) and the colors POP.

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"In nature, ultraviolet light waves (UV-A and UV-B) penetrate the ocean's surface but are filtered out as the light travels through the water. Both UV-A and UV-B light waves have been found to cause destruction of DNA and RNA within coral tissue. In response, many corals have made adaptations to reduce the effects of these harmful rays. These corals developed protective pigments that are often blue, purple, or pink in color. Most corals that contain these pigments come from shallow waters where the amount of UV-A and UV-B light is higher than in deeper areas of the reef. "


The 403nm may trigger the color to intensify.

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