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Another freakin dam 20 long


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Ok I will get straight to the point


20 long AIO with Maxijet 600 return

Koralia 425gph

DIY auto top off

cheap A@@ ebay airstone skimmer



Decided to join the 20L foundation not much as far as livestock just a few small frags. Here are some Lam pics that I took hard to get anything good with my cheap P&S camera.









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Very nice.. what color combination of bulbs did you go with from Boostled?

Are you planning on getting any additional bulbs in the future?


What fish or other corals do you plan on stocking?

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I went with 1- 3blue 2white & 1- 4blue 1white


Skimmer has been working great it's still in the break in period so I am sure the skimate will darken up as time goes on. As far as corals and fishies I have a fire clown fish in the tank now he is just too freakin scared to show himself. I plan on adding 1 or 2 more fish just not sure yet. Corals just a mix of Softies , LPS & maybe some SPS

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Awesome looking tank! Great color from the LEDs. Nice scape too.


Any chance you could send a link to where you found auto top-off design or perhaps describe it a little better?

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Nice video... Saw your clown in the back corner for a half a second. lol.


Don't poo poo on the point and shoot cameras.. some of them are actually pretty decent. My first reef pics were with p&s cameras.

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Here is the float switch I am using



It's a pretty simple set up you can use an old medication bottle like I did to mount the switch in. The bottle acts as a snail guard so that a snail will not trigger the sensor and flood your tank. I drilled small holes at the bottom & top of the bottle to allow water in and air out then I mounted an old suction cup to the bottle. The switch is wired to an aqualifter pump that I ordered from petsolutions.com a lot of people will disagree with straight wiring the switch to the pump but it works for me. I will problably rig a better way of mounting the switch since suction cups fail over time. Hope this helps... Thanks for the kind words :D

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It's pretty bright.. but the black sand and black background absorb some of that light so it isn't too rough on the eyes.

I want to actually add one to two more bulbs to the mix, but they will be BoostLeds all royal blues with 60 degree optics (which I might take out) to use for actinic lighting.

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I have another BOOST that I was thinking of adding but I kinda want to see what 2 will do I am also using the 60's. The LED's are kinda new to me after seeing other members tank threads and hearing positive things I decided to give them a try and so far I love them. Metal Halide what was I thinking...lol the summer here is pretty dam hot but my tank will be cooool mon !

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Personally, depending on where you want to keep most of your corals and what you want to keep, you might find certain areas of your tank without light.. but then again, you might be able to get away with two of them because you have a good portion of the tank sectioned off for a AIO.


Usually, the Par lights will cover a 12inchx12inch area for usuable part so if you take that into consideration with 60degree optics you can usually figure out about how many lights you need. It takes some playing around with, but it is always good to have a back up.


Metal Halide What?? You got that right.. I went with the leds because I needed a second set up but also had to keep power consumption down because I am in an apartment in a house and all three apartments are hooked up to the same fuse box, so if any one apartment plugs too much in at any one time and we all lose power.

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