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2 poor experiences at Saltwater City in Bellevue, WA


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I've had 2 poor experiences at Saltwater City in Bellevue, WA.


First poor experience turned out fine in the end. I had purchased a few additions for my clean up crew. One of the hermit crabs I paid for was an empty shell. They made everything right after I made the second trip back there. Good recovery on their part. I was not going to post anything negative about this issue. I had totally put it out of my mind about the quality of service from that store until the next experience.


Second poor experience was when I needed some water for an emergency water change. I asked and paid for pre-mixed salt water. I'm glad I checked the salinity before adding it to my tank, because it was only at 1.014 sg. My tank did not get the emergency water change as soon as I would have liked.


I don't plan to do any more business with this store. But I hope this feedback will get back to them and affect a positive change.


(FYI: why did I need an emergency water change? My green star polyp colony decided to spawn. Big deal you say? My tank is only an 8 gallon bio cube. It started smelling foul immediately.)

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