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Two Questions


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Ok two different questions everyone please help me. Thanks.


I want to buy a RO/DI unit that I could just hook to my faucet and run just to get the actually amount of water I need then just quickly disconnect it. Do they sell these? Is that how most units are? I do not want one that is hooked up more intensely since I move a lot for the military. Thank you.



Question 2: I was given a free 46 gallon acrylic bowfront and I want to make it reef ready. Is there anywhere to buy a nice internal overflow to install? Thanks for all your help!




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Hi. I have 2 answers for you.

1.) I don't know, but the amount of work to move a 46 gallon reef is WAY more then moving an RO-DI system. WAY WAY more. I've done both twice, and the RO-DI was barely a consideration in planning my time.

2.) http://glass-holes.com/

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Any RO/DI can be hooked up to a kitchen faucet or hose bib to make water then be disconnected and stored safely away. Many come with a hose bib threaded adapter standard and a kitchen or bathroom faucet adapter can be found at Lowes of Home Depot for $10 or so if the RO vendor does not offer one.

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