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BC 29 - Surface "slick" fix.


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I know this subject is covered in the FAQ.... but it was good to know you guys are spot on. :happy:


I've had the cube running since yesterday, just doing a leak test with fresh water.

Today I noticed a "slick" on the surface of the water.

I started looking and noticed that there is no water level difference between the tank

and compartment 1.

For the "surface skim" to work there should be, or at least a stronger flow through the slots.


I placed a card over the lover part of the overflow slots (see first pic). this did nothing

because the flow through the bottom slots just increased to make up the difference.

I then restricted that flow, only by about 1/4 to 1/3 (see pic)

The result was a decrease in the water level is apartments 2 and 3 of about 1"

and the tank level increased by less than 1/4". (see pic 2)

This resulted the a noticeable increase of the flow velocity through both the surface

and bottom slots.

It also caused about a 3/16" drop of the water level in apartment 1. Within 10 minutes

the surface slick / film was gone.

I have marked the positions of both the cards (thanks to Bent Tree Fellowship for the

test media :happy: ) and intend using some clear plastic the make the mods more

permanent before I set the cube up with "real" water, sand and rock this weekend.


it seems that the slow flow rate through the surface skim slots was just too slow to pull the

slick through.

I have not widened the overflow area into chamber 2, this could very well have the same effect.

I have the Protein skimmer hanging on the same wall and the hanger fits in right at the start of the slot

so I'll not gain much doing it now unless I move the Skimmer to the other wall and use the suction cups,

but I don't really want to do that.


You folks have been around these tanks, your thoughts would be appreciated.






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if you plan on getting a stevieT media rack, i would hold off trimming the tab to chamber 2 so you can get a good tight fit with the plastic "stay hold" included with the media rack, trim to fit when you have it in your hand

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