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Fragging Acan Tutorial


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I decided to frag up some Acans today so i figured i would do a brief write up on the process :) I made this for my club/forum but figured i would post it here too :)



Things you will need:


Dremel (20,000 rpm)

Diamond cutting wheel

Regular Screwdriver

Fresh Razor Blade

Safety Glasses

Drop Cloth

Working surface (cutting board, cardboard.. plywood.. something you dont care about)

Bowl or fish container of tank water for dunking coral/frags in

(optional) Iodine i the water to ward off infection




1. Pick your victim



2. Prep the area



3. Assemble tools (screw driver, dremel w/cutting wheel





4. Start cutting. Cut the UNDERSIDE of the coral with the wheel. I had to thin the rock so i could get the right angle at the bottom of the coral. But Trim from underneath the coral until you have a nice groove almost to the surface of the acan.



5. I took the screw driver and put it in the groove to crack the surface.. you might need to wiggle it a little.



6. Once its cracked and its only holding on by the flesh. take your razor and cut the flesh along the section you are looking to free from the mother colony. once its free you will have the piece!



7. This piece was long so i repeated the process to make three pieces out of this chunk. When you are done cutting place the frags in the bowl of tank water


8. Enjoy and sell/trade your frags





Be fore warned that the house will get dusty from the rock being cut and it will smell like you just made steamed clams lol. So if you are having company over do it in a well ventilated area so you dont stink up the house and/or make the wife mad :)

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