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upgrading tank sizes


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so i have a 3g pico and just bought a 14g biocube. Whats the best way to move over things from one tank to another? id like to use the sand in the pico, as i have enough sand left over in a bag and id rather not buy more just to leave that sit around. I only have 5# of LR in the pico with about half dozen coral. My hope was to move it over into the biocube. pick up more LR and cycle that in 5gal buckets.Overall im just looking for the best way to move everything over without shocking and stressing. Also how does going for 3g to 14g of new water affect the system? or should i try some type of drip between the 2? Like remove 1/4 of the pico water and put that in the biocube, let it drip back to full then cup it out back into the bio etc etc.

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Without knowing your livestock, I would do this:


- Add left over sand to new tank

- Add water to new tank

- Add additional water to new tank


<once cycle is finished>


- Move LR

- Move sand

- Move fish

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