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Hang on back overflow for 29g Biocube


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I,ve had my 29g biocube for about 2 years now and i want to add a sump to it. I was wondering if anyone knew of any hang on back overflow boxes that will fit in the back section of the tank. I thought about building a pvc overflow but I have read that the noise level is really high.

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thanks for the suggestion. have you used this overflow? does it start back up automatically after return pump loses power then comes back on? how noisy is it? thanks again. i couldn't find one anywhere that would fit.

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thanks, the flow rates a little high on the 800 for my purposes but that means the 300 will probably fit also which would be perfect. are you using the 800 in your biocube?

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no problems starting back up in the 6 months that I had it and the pumps get shut down once a day for feeding. Lifereef overflows are bullet proof.


no noise if you build a silencer


Someone is selling one for 75 $ on RC which is stupid cheaper and comes with a silencer.




a Eshopps 800 is waaaay overkill IMHO



you wont be able to see that post because of your status. Here is the member selling it



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