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juvenile onyx clowns fighting


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I picked up 2 oynx clowns, both are roughly about 1.25in.


They were tank raised by a local clownfish breeder in separate tanks. When introduced to my tank, they both found the GBTA and started hosting immediately. After the first hour, they started fighting. I have seen videos where other clowns really go at it until one gets hurt and swims away, but these guys just nip and fight with each other ALL DAY at sort of half speed. They sometimes just hang out next to each other, but they spend the majority of the day fighting. Since they are both in the anemone, neither of them ever leave and they basically just fight all day. I have noticed black dots all over both of them (but I hear that comes from the anemone stings). It makes me tired just looking at them fight, I don't know how they do it for hours on end.


My questions.... is it possible that they are somehow both already females? One is 6 months, and another is 4 months. Or should I just give it more time to see if they are just establishing dominance? If so, how much time does it usually take for one to become female?


Thanks for your help!

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