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InTank media basket issue, help?


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Just got my brand new InTank nanocube 12g media basket for my brand new nanocube 12g DX. It doesn't fit. Anyone know how to make it fit? It looks like the screws from the hood go right to the rim, that I'm assuming needs to be cut, to get this to fit. Anyone else have this problem, and what did you do? Thanks!

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I wish it was as easy as it shows in that video. But, the actual opening of the chamber is too small for the media basket. I've spent the last 30 minutes chipping away at the rim to get it to fit and so far no luck. The screws from the lid are my biggest obstacle right now :( What a PITA :(

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Answered via email


JBJ does not make all tanks a like thus the depth of the basket listed on the site. You need to simply remove some of the rear molding that sticks out say 1-2mm. I attached a picture of this in the email.

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