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CF challenges


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Hey all, I hope some have good ideas.


I just got a BioCube CF 144 upgraded hood for free. It looks like 3 of the 4 connections don't work. By moving the bulbs to the 1 good location, I found 2 of the 4 bulbs are work. I removed the shield and pushed all the wires into the sockets a bit better and then 2 of the sockets worked. In my process of diagnosising the issues only 1 of the good bulbs now appears to not work. Any help would be appreciated?




I have the two remote ballasts and swapped them and that good location works with either ballast.


I noticed a fulham workhorse ballast in there, what is that for?

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Workhorse are good ballasts. Since you swapped the ballasts and it worked the same either way, that leaves you with wiring or lamp base/socket (Whatever you want to call it for PCF's.)


First step is to check all the wiring. They are easy to wire, just make sure all the connections are still good. You'll be able to see if something isn't right. I always used wire nuts and electrical tape to make connections. Easy to switch and the tape keeps it from coming undone.


Once that is done, time to look at the base. These are generally pretty cheaply made, no matter the manufacturer. If that's the only thing left, it's the problem. (I'd guess this is the problem from your description, but it doesn't hurt to check everything out.) Check with some of the site sponsors here. I'm sure someone carries these.

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Continued to play with the wiring as you suggested and sure enough that was it. I had to remove the reflector again, re-seat the wiring and all 4 sockets work. 2 of the bulbs are bad, no question.


thanks for your help.

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