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Adam's 28 euro reef


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so, this started as a 20 extra tall that was given to me by a friend.


I've had great success with this tank,keeping all sorts of things,sexy shrimp




even a tiny trigger


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spotted a 28 euro in the box store for cheap,somehow I got it for xmass



change over day 1/1/11

I used this opportunity to rid myself of some things I no longer wanted,like my royal gramma.

what a jerk,he chased every fish I got after him right on out of the tank,good bye!

also many rocks covered in "cammo"pallys. beware of 1$ frags at a swap.I could not get rid of them all,and I'm gonna have to prune them in my new tank.also got rid of a bunch of colt coral and some loose shrooms.

came home with a bunch of liverock,some star pollops,and a bunch of water



I also moved the location of the tank across the room as I was getting direct sunlight in the morning and early afternoon,causing all kinds of algae issues

all set up and kinda foggy




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the next day all clear and happy





my toadstool looks much happier in here,I'm sure it woll still out grow this tank too,as well as the monti


picked up a nice little piece of dunkan pollops,and a coral banded shrimp




also got 3 pajama cardinals on thursday,have not taken any pics of them yet,but they have acclimated well

and started eating pods right off the glass as soon as they went in the tank

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Looking good! Nice tank

looks good bro.

went to rid myself of some frags today came home with some cool sh!t. ill post some pics on my thread soon.

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so finally an update


got a few things recently


green monte and some orange zoa's


also got an emerald crab



also picked up a few peppermint shrimp,but they are impossible to photograph

but,the coral banded shrimp has been coming out abit more lately


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Very nice! Thanks for stopping by my thread :)


The upgrade to the euro looks really good, I like the scape and how you have a good amount of room at the top of the tank... I wish I had a little less rock in mine. I also like the ricordia/mushroom rocks at the bottom.


I've been battling a little algae myself, red slime. It's under control but not completely gone which can be frustrating.


Great job on the upgrade!

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my filtration is pretty simple,and I have had good luck for years using this method


1 decent skimmer in this case a cpr bakpack

and a cheepo hob this time I'm using an aqueon(junk) 240gph


for flow,carbon and mechanical filtration,carbon only about 2 weeks a month

got some phos-ban in the bottom too


top off with ro\di

and 5g every 2weeks wc with prepared saltwater (reefcrystals)


and a capfull of purple up every other day or so




and now for some recent pics

hungry trumpet


new war coral,about 1\2 way up on the right,eating every time I feed


monte getting bigger every day


some stuff


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Longtime no update



I thought I had killed the war coral, so I put it in a rubble pile under the Monte

And now two months later it looks great again. I guess they don't like high light and I guess my T5 ho. Are pretty strong


Anyway looks great and feeds now.

Camera bit the dust so I can't take any pix

Going to be moving in the next two weeks.


This tank is going to move into my 46bowfront. It will also run ho T5 lighting and my backpack

I look forward to the extra room of the 46 I have missed that

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tank is being broken down and sold. moving from NC to denver CO. gonna try and sell the 46,and one day set up the 28euro again.

if you are in the asheville nc area EVERYTHING MUST GO!!!!



cheap, no shipping, lots of random tanks filtration and other equipment available.

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Did not move to Denver, it seems the cops would have confiscated and killed my wonderfull doggy



so moved to chicago instead where there is no dog hatred


been a hard few months with no tank




I have been contemplating using my backbac,and a custom led fixture my brother (mygolfisslow) built for his fuge


on my 2.5 aga betta tank


I dont know if this will even work,either way the 2.5 is going to get set up.

I plan on doing a zoa heavy sexy shrimp pico,since my apartment is so small.

I did bring the 28e with me,but I'm not quire ready to set that up yet


so keep an eye out :happydance:

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