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To Vacuum or Not Vacuum?


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I have noticed some green and red stuff in my sand bed. I am going to do a water change today. Should I vacuum the sand bed to get rid of it? I have read a bunch of threads and it still seems to be 50/50 on to or not to. Just want a current perspective on it.

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Yes suck it out with your WC, you are getting rid of it as well as exporting and poo and detrius on the sandbed.

Skimming the surface is great to do, you just do not want to stir up the sandbed, just get the top.

I just skim the surface of the sandbed with every 10g waterchange I do on my 56, it takes out about 1-2 cups of sand which I then rinse out and dry, I re add it to the tank an the next WC. I am sometimes shocked to see the amount of crud I get out of the sand.

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