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Has anyone used 3 watt Ultra Cool White 10,000K LED - 2 Chip?


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I was wondering if anyone has used the 3 watt Ultra Cool White 10,000K LED - 2 Chip in their build along with the 3 watt royal blues. I am trying to determine what the color would be on this type of setup. I was thinking of having 6 of the uw and 18 of the rb. the setup would be able to be dimmed so I can control color. With the 6 10k along with the 18 rb would this make the tank too blue. Need some opinions about this. The other question is the 2 chip led wired the same as a 1 chip. Thanks for the help.

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I think some people have done this but you're not going to see a color improvement.


Most people find the 1:1 cool white/royal blue to be too blue, and swapping the cool whites for cold whites will only make it worse.



I would not spend the money on it. Right now the trend is actually to use lower K white, not higher.

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