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InTank Media Basket Question


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I am thinking about getting a 14gal BioCube and the InTank Media Basket, but I was wondering if you have to completely remove the hood of the aquarium to install the media basket? In the pictures on their website they show a biocube without the hood on, so I was just wondering, it would seem like a pain if you had to remove the hood every time you wanted to take the media basket in and out. Thanks!

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It can be lifted out through the rear hatch. At least that's the case with my BC29.

Thanks, can someone tell me if the 14gal works the same way?

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You do not need to remove the hood to install you simply open the hatch (if it has one can't remember) or just swing the hood open.


On the 14 you just open the hood and the media rack slides right in. No need to remove anything.

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