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Rasz's 10gal Softie reef


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So this tank started out as a dumping ground for unwanted...things. It's official title was "Tank of DOOM", and it still sort of keeps that title. (Sorry if the pics are a little blurry or big. I suck at taking photos...)


Inhabitants included Snail-eating whelks (lovingly sold to me by a mom and pop fish store as the last algae eating snails I would ever need) red plague flatworms, and now some sort of fiendish red macro algae and the evil, encrusting Dictyotales (Phaeophyta) call this tank home.




Versions of this tank have been running straight since April of 2009, slowly upgrading from a humble two gallon to a bow front 5 gallon to a ridiculously overpriced 6.6 gallon long, to it's current form, seen above. This 10 gallon has been running for about a year.


Equipment: Koralina power head, random crap heater from walmart, and a fishneedit '24 T5, 4 bulb light fixture.


Corals: Xenia, Anthelia, yellow Toadstools, Kenya tree (dropping babies like crazy), Green Devil's hand, Finger leathers, Colt coral, Frilly gorgon, Purple tree gorgon, Brain coral, various zoas and mushrooms and a Hawaiian feather duster.


Oh, and one random hard coral. It was in the dealer's tank for months in the back, and it was still alive. I asked for the price and the dealer gleefully sold it to me...still going strong and getting more purple. I have NO IDEA what this thing is (anyone know??):



One fish, a pink skunk clown.


Cleanup crew is a random assortment of small snails, one hitch-hiker hermit, and a Tuxedo urchin just added today in the hopes he likes red macro algae. I have a huge colony of those hitch-hiker gray seastars and those little half shell snails that look like slugs.


The concept of this tank is basically a no-holds-barred slugfest. Everything is trying to take over everything else. The GSP is growing everywhere, the Kenya tree is dropping babies like mad, the Xenia is growing OVER THE TOP of the GSP, the Toadstools are starting to shade out stuff around them and the shrooms are showing up in random spots. The purple tree gorg was getting covered by the GSP so it grew upward. The only thing not really holding it's own is the zoas. Getting worried about those...


This tank is very stable. I do a water change every few weeks when things start looking a little annoyed. I am convinced the reason this tank is so stable is because of the MASSIVE amount of macro algae this tank sports. I put a small live rock piece in this tank that had a small spot of this red macro algae, and turns out it was some horrific type of take-over-your-tank-show-no-mercy-death-to-the-weak macro algae of the damned. One tiny spot under the T5 lighting exploded over a period of several months into an epic plague.


A little piece got stuck on my Koralina, and now it has a fro:




The water gets pulled through this macro algae Fro and well, this tank is very stable. The Fro was actually much bigger then that, I had just torn some off before I took that picture. It is regrowing like holy hell, and the cheato grows around it steadily. It goes with the theme of the tank, so I have just been ripping it out by hand and I hope the Tuxedo will help with that.


Eventually in a few months I am setting up a shallow 60gal breeder, and everything in this tank is going in there. Then I am buying a yellow tang. :D:P


While stony coral tanks are just beautiful, I mainly keep softies because when I come home after work, all I want to do is sit down in front of my tank and stare at it happily and relax. No fuss, no muss, and softie tanks just seem to me to be the easiest, as they take a lot of crap and still stay happy....mostly. :D

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I would have to buy a dremel to bust through the skeleton on that guy, it is solid as a rock. :D It's soft flesh is very very thin but slimy to the touch. You can see its teeny tiny tentacles. I really really wish I had some idea what it was....anyone have a clue??

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I honestly really love this tank, no kidding.

I've seen that SPS before, but I can't remember what it's called.

What bulbs are you using over this?

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i don't think it's on the guamreeflife site. but it kinda looks like this except Rasz's has a more massive structure.


Psammocora obtusangula



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Heya :D


I am using mostly Geisman bulbs, an aquablue, the atinicplus, the atinic one and I think the 10k is actually some other brand name I found at the fish store. Very bright blue tank.


I have access to Ocean Aquatics store in Delta, BC. They are a mail order and a warehouse. I go in periodically and check their softies. They get some neat stuff in sometimes.


"Pavona cactus" ....Sweet! It takes a lot of abuse, the small local dealer had it in his tank in a dark back corner forever. Polyp extension is way better in my tank. I hope it stays happy.

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Joe Pusdesris

This is the nicest tank I have seen in quite some time. Congratulations on doing it by accident sir.


What size Koralia is that?

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Joe Pusdesris>


Thanks! :D


It's the next size up from the Koralia nano. It is perfect for a 10 gallon, for softies anyway. I put it in the corner and pointed it at the opposite corner and it's just the right amount of flow. As the macro algae 'fro grows though, it cuts off circulation so I have to rip some off to keep the water moving.

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