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noob question


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I have a 28g and few noob questions. Ive been reading and asking questions as well and will continue to seek for more advise lol.


During my cycling period:


1. do i turn on my pumps

2. will 2 hrs of lighting be ok.

3. do i put in chemipure elite, and purigin during the cycle?

4. should i turn my skimmer as well? ( i have a aqua c remora)

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Hi there,



Ahhh, the joys of cycling...


You will want to keep your pumps on pal. Also The less light during the cycle the better. This is to prevent a potential algae problem B)


Don't waste your money on chemipure or purigen just yet. They will interfere with your cycle. You want your bacteria to have so much food that they will thrive! You will just be slowing down the process by using media during the cycle.


And finally, There is no need to turn the skimmer on. Remember, you want filthy water at first. After the first month, you can add chemipure and purigen, and turn the skimmer and lights on.


If you follow these steps for a month, I guarantee you a system with pretty much zero algae and a strong biofilter that's ready to take on a small fish.

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I thought in the beginning having a consistant 2 hr lighting period for the 2-4 weeks of the cycle is good, after that 6-8 hrs is ok correct me if im wrong.

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I generally run my tanks lighting schedule as normal while cycling. I do usually get a decent algae breakout but it disappears quicly once nutrients are used up. Of course I don't use test kits either and that usually boils the blood of the cycle nazis. Once you've seen a few you can usually eyeball when the cycle has run its course and do a final test to ensure correct parameters. There are too many variables to give a timeline but I've had new tanks with no noticable cycles all the way to ones that last 3 to 4 weeks.


The key is patience so you're not throwing away money by unnecessarily killing livestock.

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