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30 Gallons of Angler fun...


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Couple pics of the 30Gallon. It's not going to be spectacular or anything.... I did get a new Oak stand I'll post pics of later. Got an AquaC Romora skimmer now, just got a Tek T5 for it also.

The right side will get all the rock from the 10Gallon...and each of those rocks has a Maxi Mini on it.

May put a frag of SPS high in there too....



All the way from the right side....


So the rock was dried, and I've been cycling with no light at all.

The rock from the 10Gallon has been going for years......so that will help establish the tank when I move it over.

I may add another Angler the same size when I move the tank to this one.

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More pics....... I moved him over and the rest of the rock, ect.


New stand...much better. The Sunpod will just be temp till my Tek arrives.


Sorry for the color....really looks weird for some reason...


My Angler...


From the right side...


Anyway.....now he can grow, he was maxed out in the 10g....

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Looks like he might need some of that NOS in the first pic... haha

Ha! He has moved more in this tank than he ever did in that 10 gallon!

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